Redeveloping Brownfields through Environmental Remediation

Redeveloping Brownfields through Environmental Remediation


A property owner sought the services of Antea Group to assist in the Brownfield redevelopment of a 17-acre former railroad depot located in a high-profile urban area. The extent and magnitude of known soil and groundwater impacts combined with the time required to remediate the site was a major obstacle to the successful sale and subsequent development of the site.   

Antea Group was challenged to remediate the site in the shortest amount of time possible using the most cost-effective approach to expedite the redevelopment of the property. However, the presence of aged diesel fuel in the soil and floating on the water table limited the use of conventional remedial solutions.


Antea Group designed an innovative, multi-phased steam injection remediation system. Funding and a site size of three city blocks required that the cleanup take place in three distinct phases.  

Phase I treated a two-acre area using 26 steam injection points, 26 soil vapor extraction points, and 12 product recovery wells. The maximum recovery rate peaked at 350 gallons of product per day with over 36,500 gallons of total diesel product recovered throughout the phase.

Phase II treated a one-acre area where approximately 4,500 gallons of diesel product was recovered during six months of operation.

The Phase III consisted of a three-acre area. The remediation technology for this phase was modified to include a four stage high vacuum system to recover total fluids. This new design, consisting of 29 steam injection points and 31 soil vapor extraction points, eliminated the need for pumps in the recovery wells, increasing system efficiency.


Antea Group removed approximately 60,000 gallons of total diesel fuel from the soil enabling No Further Action status with the regulatory agency and the successful sale and redevelopment of the site. Today, the site houses both commercial and residential properties.

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