Pipeline failure

Pipeline Failure Spill Site


An Antea Group client detected a drop in pressure on their pipeline in Wisconsin. Approximately 1,302 barrels (54,684 gallons) of gasoline were released as a result of a pipeline seam failure. The spill was discovered in an area of farms, large homes and sub-divisions with over 200 potable wells within a one mile radius of the spill. Our client required immediate and large scale emergency response services and environmental support. 


Antea Group provided same day response to the urgent request and was contracted to manage all environmental aspects of the spill response effort, including the delineation and removal of impacted soil, collection of water well samples from over 200 nearby residences and installation of approximately 100 bedrock recovery and monitoring wells. 

Additionally, Antea Group oversaw emergency remedial activities including soil vapor extraction, liquid product recovery, ground water hydraulic control and vacuum truck recovery operations. Carbon point of entry treatment units were installed in over 70 homes and over 10,000 residential water well samples were collected during the first six months following the release. A temporary pump and treat remediation system and soil vapor extraction system have been operating while a longer-term system is designed and installed.


Through Antea Group’s rapid response to the release, subsequent recovery operations and overall successful environmental management of the site have helped to minimize impacts to ground water and the local community. A team approach provided the needed technical expertise to deal with the complex fractured geology of the area and engineer effective temporary systems while preparing for a more stable solution. At the same time, our broad network provided the staff needed onsite seven days a week for the extensive recovery efforts and water supply sampling programs.