Mobilizing Global Teams

Mobilizing Global Teams


A global consumer packaged goods company seeking to identify potential divestment opportunities enlisted the support of Antea®Group to provide environmental due diligence services at multiple facility locations across 24 countries within an aggressive six-week time frame.


Antea Group quickly mobilized due diligence experts from office locations in the United States, Europe and Asia to execute site visits, review records and conduct environmental property assessments that included the review of industrial and chemical processes and the subsequent development of a findings report for each facility. Based upon the findings, Antea Group was able to quantify potential environmental liability associated with each site and estimate the financial expenditures required by the client to bring each facility into compliance with local, country-specific regulations.


Due to the broad geographic coverage of Antea Group resources, all due diligence assessments were executed on time and within budget. The client used the assessment findings and estimated expenditures for baseline planning and favourable pricing negotiation for divestment discussions.