Midwest Fuel Pipeline Release Data Management

Midwest Fuel Pipeline Release Data Management


In response to a Midwestern fuel pipeline release, Antea Group was hired to collect, manage and analyze data relating to drinking water and groundwater. In order to manage the volume of data and manage risk to people, property and the environment the CAVe™ team was engaged. Additionally, the client’s litigation team required Antea Group to develop an interface to effectively tie together the site data, homeowner information, and court documents.


A team was assembled to manage the site data, visualize impact and remedial progress on the site, and model the site and remediation actions. The CAVe team supported the project by:

  • Performing data validation on all laboratory reports
  • Loading 17,000 samples 
  • Loading 320,000 laboratory results 
  • Mapping the site with survey and in-field mapping data from ArcMobile 
  • Migrating site base data to ArcGIS.
  • Converting all drinking water, groundwater, water level and property information to shapefiles.

The data was published to a web map format on ArcGIS Online. The litigation team and their experts were able to access all the data via a map-based interface.


The CAVe team provided quality, timely data management and visualization to support the client team. Quality data management was critical to timely understanding and notification of drinking water results from private homes. 

ArcGIS assisted the Antea Group team with looking at the distribution of impacted drinking water, and with building and managing the frequency of drinking water sampling. The use of the ArcGIS Online was also highly useful to the litigation team in assessing risk and understanding site data during the litigation process.

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