Improving the recycling supply chain

Improving the recycling supply chain


Antea®Group coordinated a unique sustainability effort targeted at improving the recycling supply chain in Latin America for a client. Specifically, the initiative was designed to improve conditions for ‘catadores’ or scavengers at the base of our client’s supply chain.


This is an ongoing project where Antea Group is working with our client, its business partners and local NGOs to:

  • Put in place programs that help suppliers align their practices with our client’s values;
  • Create a certification process and protocol that establishes clear standards by which suppliers and our client can judge improvement; and
  • Involve independent third parties (NGOs and others) that audit/certify suppliers to ensure programs remain operational and effective over the long term.


Our client views this effort as a leadership and differentiation opportunity that improves working conditions for these people and ensures continuity of supply for recycled paper and plastic needed for packaging the company’s products.

Further, the company is sharing this program with retailers, with the intent that this approach becomes an industry ‘standard’ – adopted by customers, peers and competitors.