Oil refinery

An iEHS Solution to Rigorous California Compliance Verification Requirements


In 2014, the final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was published in the state of California, stipulating the Mitigation, Monitoring & Reporting Program (MMRP) requirements during all phases of a project. A major oil refinery, which had been in operation since 1902, faced the daunting task of self-reporting and offering proof of compliance with MMRP requirements. The refinery had a $1 billion plan of modernizing its aged processing equipment and technology. The upgrade would comprise pre-construction, construction and operation phases over a multi-decade period.  This ambitious plan needed to comply with the MMRP and the refinery turned to an Antea Group client for support.

Antea Group’s client lacked the resources and capabilities to dedicate to the complexities and duration of compliance verification with the MMRP requirements. Not only was the number of one-time and ongoing requirements in each phase of modernization significant, a permanent record of the owner’s compliance responses and proofs was required. The refinery owner had to have a means of recording compliance responses and submitting proofs. Antea Group’s client needed to have an easy way to review the refinery’s information and help with the responses.  

The client quickly realized it needed a technology tool to address these needs and with the aid of its outside counsel, evaluated the software market for existing tools and found that there was no technology readily available to suit its purposes. The outside counsel considered using programmers to develop an appropriate tool from the ground up, a time-consuming and expensive proposition.

It so happened that the client’s outside counsel had once worked with an Antea Group consultant. It contacted this consultant to ascertain whether Antea Group had knowledge of existing technology solutions. Antea Group was pleased to perform an extensive needs analysis with the client and determined that a technology-enabled solution powered by iEHS could cost-effectively meet the requirements in the timeframe allotted. Antea Group provided demonstrations of its solution and prepared a proposal documenting the tool requirements, conceptual design, schedule and fees.


Antea Group’s technology-enabled compliance verification solution, powered by iEHS®, had the following components:

  • Configuration required use of existing iEHS functionality without any programming
  • The iEHS mobile interface provided the refinery owner with simple input and upload capability
  • Simplified upload of requirements associated with each phase of modernization
  • All data stored centrally and all versions of responses preserved 
  • The Reports function allowed Antea Group’s client to easily review responses and proofs, respond appropriately and direct information to other stakeholders

Following approval, Antea Group created a final design, validated the configuration, and trained client and refinery personnel.


Antea Group’s iEHS solution:

  • Saved money
  • Facilitated timely compliance with the MMRP
  • Included all requirements of the MMRP
  • Worked for both the client and the refinery owner
  • Provided easy compliance documentation and proof of documentation
  • Did away with the need for maintenance or further investment
  • Enabled compliance verification over the full duration of the refinery modernization project