Green world

iEHS Provides Dynamic Solution to Implementing Green Procurement Standard


One of Antea Group’s manufacturing clients moved to establish the Green Procurement Standard as part of its policy. The Green Procurement Standard is an assurance program for managing environmentally hazardous substances for the procurement of materials and parts used in products. The client wanted to implement the program with all 208 of its suppliers and assess results within a compressed timeframe.

The Green Procurement Standard requires each supplier to complete eight forms that were originally paper-based. These forms had to be distributed to the suppliers and their responses had to be tracked and evaluated. The client’s environment, health and safety (EHS) team was not sufficiently resourced to perform this task, especially in the requested timeframe. In addition, the EHS team had no process in pace to perform repeated evaluations as required by the Green Procurement Standard. The client turned to Antea Group for support in establishing the Standard.


Fortunately, the client was already using Antea Group’s iEHS®. It naturally followed that iEHS would be a part of the solution for the challenge at hand. Antea Group evaluated the client’s procurement activities as compared to the Green Procurement Standard and formulated the following iEHS-tailored strategy:

  • Upload supplier contact names into iEHS
  • Set up automated notifications to each supplier
  • Configure the eight paper forms into electronic forms to be completed by each supplier using a simple iEHS interface
  • Make the forms submitted by each supplier accessible and easy to evaluate
  • Design reports for the client to view form submission and completion status

The goal was to deliver a cost-effective and efficient technology solution in a compressed timeframe that allowed program management using limited client EHS resources.


  • Antea Group delivered the technology solution on schedule and budget and met all design requirements
  • The client was able to implement the Green Procurement Standard with all 208 suppliers within the imposed time constraints
  • Program management required the involvement of only a small portion of the client’s EHS team and was performed adequately by a non-professional, reducing cost
  • The client was able to easily evaluate supplier status and make decisions regarding ongoing procurement
  • The client able to comply with its own corporate standard
  • The solution was easily reproducible on an ongoing basis with new suppliers and helped evaluate changes in existing suppliers

Due to the configurability and flexibility of iEHS, Antea Group successfully delivered an ideal solution under short-term constraints.