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Getting a High Return On Investment for Environmental Consulting


A technology industry client faced an increasing number of environmental regulations concerning product composition, design and packaging. The upper management was looking for help in designing strategies to help meet future regulatory requirements, in a sustainable and cost-effective way.


To help meet their compliance requirements, the Tech Forecasters Inc. team provided these services:

  • Helped guide the client to RoHS and WEEE compliance, achieving uninterrupted revenue flow for selling product to the European market.
  •  Advised the client to form the Office of Environmental Affairs, to more effectively manage sustainability performance.
  •  Conducted Design-for-Environment workshops for engineers in Asia, Europe, and North America


With Design-for-Environment training, engineers generated cost savings across the board: in manufacturing, use, reuse and recycling stages. The Global Environmental Compliance Manager remarked that the team helped “meet and exceed our environmental goals profitably”.