Scrap metal shavings

Establishing Local Metal Recycling Solutions


A Fortune 500 electric and natural gas utility client generated metal waste when repairing or upgrading electric or natural gas lines and meters, some of which can contain hazardous coatings or materials. However, the only facility meeting the stringent corporate requirements that were capable of handling the scrap waste was located many hours away. The client identified a new metal recycling outlet within a reasonable distance of their regional operations, that also appeared capable of managing the target recoverable metals.  Before the client could begin using this outlet, an evaluation of the recycling company’s ability to responsibly manage environmental issues associated with potential pipe coatings and applicable local, state and federal requirements would be needed.


Antea Group conducted an independent environmental assessment of the facility using compliance review protocols and an evaluation of operational and management practices.  The program level evaluation included select federal, state, and local solid waste management, stormwater discharge, air quality, water discharge and consumption, oil pollution prevention, toxic substance control and emergency planning requirements.

The team also evaluated the facility’s ability to provide the needed services to support client operations with minimum oversight, with assurances that the company had sufficient financial means to address environmental concerns.


Antea Group provided a summary report documenting overall compliance with applicable regulatory and client waste management requirements.  Recommendations for areas of improvement and addressing potential compliance issues with facility oil storage practices were also provided to the recycling facility.  The client was ultimately able to adopt this new recycler outlet and reduce costs by avoiding the shipping of materials out of state.

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