Using a mobile app to enable new leak detection and repair insights for an oil and gas client

Enabling Efficiencies in Leak Detection and Repair Data Collection and Monitoring

For a Mid-Size Oil and Gas Operating company


A mid-size oil and gas operating company was struggling to show that they were on top of their Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) compliance schedule and pending repairs. This opens the door for non-compliance risk, as well as more opportunity for inaccuracies or missing information. Data can often fall through the cracks and the gathering process, a typical paper and pencil notes method, was inefficient. Our client needed something that was user-friendly and efficient for the inspector in the field, who often happens to be the maintenance professional or a pumper who is mainly concerned with production and keeping the oil flowing, not the environmental regulations.


We implemented our mobile data collection and management solution for leak detection and repair monitoring, LDAR Dashboard. LDAR Dashboard is an app that works on mobile phones and tablets to enable easier and more efficient data collection. It uploads information directly from the field to our preferred EHS database, where those in charge of the LDAR program can trend, sort, and export the data easily.


Our client recognized the value of LDAR Dashboard—their inspection times were immediately minimized while their efficiencies increased, and they saved money by decreasing the number of hours spent collecting and analyzing data. Since the client started using LDAR Dashboard they have been in 100% compliance, and no leaks have been overlooked in the field.

They also recognized other business benefits and uses inherent in the dashboard and are now using it to track facility design implementations, AVO inspections, removal and addition of equipment, well unloading events, and flare downtimes in addition to the original LDAR inspection scope. Antea Group is now their trusted partner, supporting both their environmental work as well as their operations.