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EHS Regulatory Compliance Audits for a Global Automotive Supplier


Antea Group, along with our global Inogen partners, was requested to provide environmental, health and safety (EHS) regulatory compliance audits of a major automotive supplier's manufacturing facilities in South America (7 facilities) and Asia (3 facilities).


Antea Group led the organization of the audit protocols, schedule, and expectations from North America for the Inogen partners to execute. This structure allowed for quality, control and consistency across the global audit team. Audits included:

  1. Pre-audit conference call with client corporate and regional EHS leadership to discuss logistics, expectations, and schedule.
  2. On-site auditing based on regional EHS leadership availability. Typically, auditor teams consisted of two members, focused on either environmental or health and safety aspects. Audits generally were completed in 2 days on-site. Auditors delivered a closing presentation at each plant to discuss observations, findings and best practices.
  3. Audit reports were prepared within 3 days of completing the on-site audit. Reports consisted of a brief cover letter with findings, recommendations, and citations in a working spreadsheet. Photos of all findings were also included as a separate document--each photograph was associated to a specific finding.
  4. Upon approval by the client, audit reports were finalized and translated into the local language of the plant.


All audits were completed on-time and within the budget proposed. Regardless of geography, the audit reports from Antea Group were consistent in formatting and quality. The global Inogen partners engaged in the opportunity provided excellent local-level expertise with environmental, health and safety regulations and were able to add value to the client at the plant by sharing best practices in the local language.

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