EHS Management for Terminal Demolition and Site Restoration for a Global Oil & Gas Client

EHS Management for Terminal Demolition and Site Restoration for a Global Oil & Gas Client


A global oil and gas company required final decommissioning at a former terminal and blending facility that had been idle for almost a decade. The 3-acre site, located in Durban, South Africa, required the removal of all above and below ground structures, underground utilities, process equipment, buildings, concrete slabs and foundations. 
The objective of the project was to demolish the structures to safety requirements agreed upon by the province, port authority and client, so that the client could completely exit the site. 
Several factors contributed to the complexity of the project including site location immediately adjacent to neighbors with high pressure LNG lines, round the clock high truck traffic, incomplete site records and historical information, asbestos containing materials and petroleum waste, permitted activity, workforce from multiple countries speaking different native languages, and continuous coordination with the port authority.


Antea Group was contracted to perform the final site decommissioning and removal of all remaining assets from former site operations. Primary responsibilities included coordination and planning of all site work and EHS supervision of all demolition activities.
Specific activities included preparation of safety documentation, industrial hygiene and site security planning, workforce training, permitting support for hot work, working at heights and ground disturbance, waste management tracking and reporting, air monitoring and stakeholder engagement.


The site was successfully cleared of all assets, including:
•    20 above ground storage tanks and related piping,
•    6 underground storage tanks and related piping,
•    A boiler house, metal fabricating plant, blending plant, additive warehouse, laboratory, office building and service shop.

All demolition work was completed safely within a 4-month period and the site was returned to the original land owner in a condition ready for immediate redevelopment. 

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