Developing a Global Sustainability Strategy

Developing a Global Sustainability Strategy


Antea Group assisted a nutritional business of a global healthcare and medical research company to establish its global sustainability strategy. We worked with our client to outline a sustainability strategy and associated benefits to be presented to senior management for approval.


An analysis was conducted that outlined alternative visions and strategies based upon review of direct competitor programs, leading consumer product companies, applicable board member companies and organizations, existing company targets & goals, key stakeholder expectations, and the current strengths/core competencies of the organization. Our team prepared introductory materials and facilitated an internal stakeholder session to guide development of the vision and strategy. The focus was on potential cost reduction and revenue generation, risk minimization, increased sales revenue, and other benefits inherent in a successful sustainability program. A summary matrix was prepared for discussion with the client team that outlined the range of strategies available. We then facilitated the team discussion to develop a vision and strategy that best fit our client’s culture and objectives.


A value chain process map and a matrix of published targets and goals that outlined a range of commitments and associated benefits were prepared for discussion with our client. We facilitated the team discussion to develop targets and goals that fit our client’s identified vision and strategy.

A high-level implementation plan was prepared that laid out the major steps necessary to achieve the targets and goals developed. We facilitated additional discussion to populate the plan with specific programs and steps agreed upon by our client’s team.

The end result of the project was the development of a summary document and presentation suitable for senior management.