Innovative technology to decrease carbon emissions

Developing global energy best practices


A leading global beverage company plans to grow its business without increasing carbon emissions. This “grow-the-business, not-the-carbon” plan targets reductions in emissions by incorporating energy efficiency projects/practices and the use of innovative technologies (e.g. renewable energy) across its global manufacturing footprint. In 2009, the company engaged Antea®Group and Inogen resources to help bottlers worldwide achieve this goal.


The Antea Group team traveled to more than 13 plants in Thailand, India, Vietnam, Japan, Tahiti, China, Barbados and England to conduct energy assessments and offer suggestions on how to improve energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions. The findings from the assessments produced energy savings and carbon reduction opportunities that were assembled into an “Energy Efficiency Best Practices Catalogue.” At the beginning of 2010, the catalogue was made available to hundreds of our client’s bottling operations worldwide.


To date, our assessments have identified energy savings opportunities ranging from 5% to 15% of the total energy consumption at each site. During 2010, we continued to move this effort forward by conducting training sessions in Korea, India, China, the Philippines and other locations throughout the world centered on the “Best Practices Catalogue.” This training allows our client’s bottling operations to develop and implement energy efficiency projects worldwide on a standardized platform that identifies energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction projects, lowers implementation and operating costs, and allows our client to achieve its energy and carbon emission reduction goals.