Biopharmaceutical lab closure, EHS due diligence

Biopharmaceutical Company Closure


The client, a biopharmaceutical company specializing in research and development of biological therapies, had three locations--one large complex in Seattle and two smaller facilities in outlying areas. The primary operations in each location included biological laboratories, biological production areas, warehouse operations, and offices. The primary hazards were associated with the use of chemicals and biological materials. Operations in all three locations were being completely shut down.

The client needed assistance accumulating information on past and present site processes and decommissioning activities, and summarizing this information as clearly and concisely as possible. The purpose of this documentation was to give potential buyers confidence that the buildings did not present any environmental, health, or safety risks.


Antea Group provided the client with one document for each location that contained all available information pertinent to company practices and final decommissioning processes. Antea Group summarized the efforts taken to decommission the facility such as clearance of the building, equipment/area cleaning and decontamination, exit calibrations and certifications of equipment, and the layup of the building utilities. This document could quickly communicate the final status of each location to a new facility owner. In addition, information would be accumulated for each room and summarized electronically. These individual “room records” could then be accessed if needed, for specific future activities.

Antea Group employed a combination of visual inspections of the facilities, interviews with remaining employees, and document collection and review to accumulate this information. Information collected included the following: fixed and remaining equipment, hazardous waste and chemical storage, areas of gross contamination, construction hazards, facility activities, chemical and equipment use, spill and release incidents, decontamination and decommissioning operating procedures, and the decommissioning plan.


Antea Group provided the client with the three final decommissioning reports and transferred the electronic room records to the client’s server for future use of the facilities or for building renovation or demolition. The client was extremely pleased with the option of evaluating information either in a summary format in the reports, or by accessing room by room information electronically. Additionally, having the full documentation in place was an asset to the sales process, facilitating smoother negotiations with potential buyers, who could rest assured that they were receiving full disclosure.