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Antea Group Utilizes iEHS to deliver a Powerful Industrial Hygiene Solution


Antea Group was charged with evaluating and determining improvements to the Industrial Hygiene (IH) program of two client companies.  Antea Group was also asked to facilitate the collaboration of these two clients so that they could share their knowledge and optimize the effectiveness of their IH program.

Both companies already had an established IH workflow and IH processes that supported their EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) policies and programs, yet they still sought to improve the efficiency of their IH program.  These clients were seeking:

  • Increased automation
  • Workflow consistency and continuity
  • Enhanced data management for data analytics
  • Enhanced knowledge transfer and shared learning of best practices
  • Enhanced work product through quality assurance
  • Transparency and visibility that drive performance-based standards
  • A centralized information and data repository


Antea Group first devised a strategy to achieve these objectives and deliver a cost-effective solution that would satisfy both clients. The strategy had the following components:

  • Evaluating each client’s IH program to understand similarities and differences
  • Encouraging inter-client idea sharing and new idea generation
  • Utilizing the combined knowledge of Antea Group’s IH experts, along with a project team consisting of client EHS leaders, technology team members and client account leaders 
  • Documenting client workflows including input, data analysis and reporting requirements 
  • Through collaboration, using client ideas to establish a solution based on conceptual design 

The solution clearly presented itself - the tool that would satisfy all these objectives was a technology-enabled IH solution powered by iEHS®. The implementation stage consisted of the following steps:

  • The project team formalized client requirements and conceptual design
  • Antea Group’s architects provided a final design (scope), schedule and budget
  • Antea Group and the clients deployed a solution for validation, followed by a final solution, uploaded historical data and trained users


Benefits for the clients included value-added insights into program policies, processes, and workflows from shared knowledge, program cost efficiency, and enhanced quality assurance and program continuity. Additionally, historical data was scrubbed and all data was now centralized, retrievable and able to be analyzed for trends. These processes were implemented for client facilities globally. Antea Group executed the mission with great success.