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Video: A Discussion on Eco-Design Across the Supply Chain

March 12th, 2018

HP, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Antea Group recently filmed a discussion on eco-design across the supply chain at IPC APEX in San Diego. Filmed by SCOOP, the 15-minute panel focused on improving products through eco-design, especially when using different supply-chain models.

Rachael Relph manages the Greener Products Program at Thermo Fisher Scientific, where she is Senior Manager of Environmental Sustainability. She demonstrated how eco-design aligns tightly with their corporate mission, and how that connection establishes executive support for designing products, packaging, and consumable materials with minimal resources and waste.

Marjorie Garcia is a Materials Compliance Program Manager at HP. From recycling billions of printer cartridge units to complying 3 years early with the RoHS Directive’s upcoming phthalates restrictions, HP is a long-time and still-strong leader in eco-design.

Pamela Gordon was fortunate to lead the discussion about strategies to foster – rather than hinder -- eco-design even if an organization is outsourcing design and/or manufacturing. Some suppliers are well behind the brand company, and the brand must dedicate resources and patience to bring the supplier up the eco-design curve or switch to another supplier. Fortunately, some leading suppliers bring eco-design innovations to the brand, with economic and environmental benefits for all.

Watch the video below, or check out more information at EMSNow.

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