best EHS pop culture moments

Top Pop Culture EHS Moments

Nerd out with us about our favorite health and safety fails on TV and in the movies

July 17th, 2017

If you’ve ever watched a karate movie with someone who actually knows karate, you know that sometimes it takes an expert to really appreciate the absurdity of a TV or movie situation (and another expert to tell it to, in the interest of sparing your loved ones.)

We asked our Antea Group experts to tell us about their favorite pop culture EHS moments, whether they were handled reasonably well or veered into anarchy. Their answers were varied and hilarious—enjoy!  (WARNING: some language and a bit of violence in the videos…)

Starting off with an oldie but a goody, the classic I love Lucy chocolate factory episode--so many EHS fails!

The opening sequence to There Will Be Blood provides a stark reminder of where safety rules come from and why they’re so important.  

Working at Jurassic Park would offer a world of EHS challenges, including in the opening sequence where a worker slips and falls while trying to unload a raptor...and it gets worse from there.

And speaking of complex workplaces, the Ghostbusters have a lot to watch out for, including “crossing the steams.” 

Sketch comedy offered up a couple of gems: first, a MADtv skit where a company nears a celebratory pizza party for working so many days without injury--but first they have to make it through the day. 

And then Kids in the Hall showed the potential hazards of working while sleepy.

And finally, to end on a high note we give you The Simpsons episode where Homer becomes the Plant Safety Director. Although his assignment starts out as a nefarious plot of the evil Mr. Burns, he ultimately rises to meet the challenges of his new position and helps to make the plant safer.  

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