Antea Group’s EHSxTech

Tech Leaders to Come Together to Discuss Global EHS Challenges and Opportunities

April 18th, 2017

From keeping pace with changing regulations to cultural nuances, tech companies face a myriad of complex challenges when it comes to managing environment, health and safety (EHS) across their global operations. Navigating these challenges is difficult at best, with many EHS managers lacking the resources or local expertise to create a program that checks off every compliance box.

We recognize there’s no one-size-fits all solution to building and sustaining effective EHS programs and compliance—especially when facilities are spread across the world. That’s why we’re bringing some of the brightest EHS minds in tech together for a day of collaboration, best practice sharing, and insight gathering. This special day is the sixth EHSxTECH® workshop, which is set for April 25, 2017.

EHSxTech is an exclusive private event that gives attendees the opportunity to explore regulatory updates from around the globe, talk through specific EHS challenges, and share best practices in a friendly, non-competitive forum.

Who’s On “Tech”

This year’s event, which is presented by Antea Group and hosted by Salesforce, will feature special presentations from three incredible EHS leaders from leading tech companies including:

In addition, Antea Group Vice President and Technology Segment Leader Peylina Chu will be on-hand to welcome attendees, share insights, and lead focused discussions and breakout sessions.

What We’ll Be Tackling

The rapidly changing world of tech means companies are facing new and emerging EHS challenges and opportunities. Some of the key issues and topics that will be covered include:

1. Global EHS Regulatory Compliance 

From the current state of the global regulatory environment to country-specific trends, facilitated discussions and breakout sessions will cover EHS compliance trends, strategies and best practices for managing compliance across global operations.

2. Acquisitions and Expansions

Many tech companies are seizing opportunities to expand their businesses’ footprint through new partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions. But companies must be prepared to do their due diligence to understand potential exposure to EHS risks, as well as identify the EHS impacts of the transaction. A dedicated discussion session will address questions on what needs to be done before, during and after an acquisition to ensure success and business value.

3. EHS Culture and Stakeholder Engagement Best Practices

EHS can and should be an integral part of company culture - and stakeholder engagement is a vital for making that happen. Karl Huntzicker will deliver a presentation focused on what works for successful stakeholder engagement and what doesn’t.

4. EHS for Data Centers

Data centers are neither high-risk nor low risk, which means there is no off-the-shelf EHS solution and things can easily be overlooked. In this session, Lauri Johns-Andersch’s presentation will dive into some important items that EHS managers of data centers might not be thinking of.

5. Circular Economy 

Tech companies are innovators by nature, which is something they can use to harness opportunities to move away from the traditional “take, make and dispose” industrial model, and toward a circular economy model. EHSxTech attendees will discuss circular economy concepts for the tech industry, as well as regulatory trends and business advantages.

What’s to Come

The discussion and collaboration doesn’t end when EHSxTech closes out for the day. Antea Group will be sharing the trends, best practices, tips and insights gleaned with the entire tech industry on our blog. Stay tuned for the exclusive insights that are to come!

To see this year’s EHSxTech agenda, click here.

To request an invitation to future EHSxTech events, contact Peylina Chu.


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