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Socially Sustainable: Antea Group Employees Get Their Hands Dirty

September 14th, 2017

Antea Group recently published our 2016 Sustainability Report, highlighting our commitments to creating Better Business, Better World®. One key factor to creating a better world is giving back on a local scale, in communities where employees live, work, and raise their families. Employees have the opportunity to volunteer during work days, either in groups with coworkers or individually. These hands-on efforts give employees the chance to make a real difference, but also connect with other employees, neighbors, and community groups to make a difference.

Our volunteerism efforts have continued to grow as our company does, with employees building relationships with and suggesting brand-new volunteer organizations and opportunities across the United States. In 2016, Antea Group logged 1,529.25 total volunteer hours. Since 2016 until July of this year we have already logged 244.25 volunteer hours across our organization.

One Volunteer Day Per Employee

Our volunteerism policy compensates each employee for up to 8 hours per year to volunteer at the organization of their choice. Employees are pretty adventurous when it comes to volunteering efforts: they have removed invasive species, cleaned up streams, planted community gardens, and much more. In 2016, employees addressed big issues such as pollution, food insecurity, sustainable agriculture, and other local problems through their volunteering. Below are just a few examples of their incredible efforts. 

Coming Together for Positive Outcomes

The Moorestown, New Jersey office braved the record heatwave of 85°F in October to promote clean water and healthy coastal environments. Teaming up with Alliance for a Living Ocean, they participated in educational activities and clean ups to protect the Jersey Shore. 
Office members cleaning up the beach
Moorestown, New Jersey office members volunteering to clean up the Jersey Shore

Helping to address food insecurity, members of the Seattle office volunteered with Northwest Harvest, Washington's statewide hunger relief agency. They helped package 10,000 pounds of oats and rice (equivalent of about 7,700 meals) into family-sized portions that were distributed at the state's food banks.

Members of the Portland office participated in the Great Willamette Cleanup hosted by Willamette River Keepers. The Willamette River runs through the heart of Portland and is essential to the community. The cleanup included canoeing around the river banks and discovering and removing a variety of trash 'treasures', including a shopping cart and a rubber tire (pictured below).
Cleaning up the Willamette River
Portland office members cleaning up the Willamette River holding items they found while cleaning

Combining volunteerism with sustainable agriculture, the Boston office planted a total of 912 squash plants at the Community Harvest Project in North Grafton, MA. Their efforts will yield enough squash to provide over 20,000 servings of vegetables to those in need.

We are proud to show our employees' contribution to their neighborhoods, communities, and others through volunteering, and we can't wait to see what they will do next.

For more information on our volunteerism and commitments to creating a positive impact on clients, communities, and employees, download our 2016 Sustainability Report

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