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Practitioner Spotlight--Liliana Cruz

December 6th, 2017


Liliana Cruz on a Jeep in Colombia, Practitioner Spotlight

Liliana Cruz 



Practice Area:

Inogen Environmental Alliance and International Marketing

Areas of expertise:

International work, strategic and tactical marketing and management

About Me in 140 Characters (or more):

I am from Colombia and I have spent my professional career working in the marketing world. I am the kind of person that likes challenges and I am definitely results-oriented. I love my family and good movies. I think every day you have the opportunity to learn and teach new things.

What is your cool Jeep picture all about?

In Colombia, there are Jeep-stacking competitions called Yipao, where people put as many things onto a Jeep as possible. The one with the most stacked items that can still drive wins. I am sitting on one of those Jeeps in the photograph.

Favorite Thing about Being in International Marketing:

The possibility to create or improve strategies and tactics for different markets, experiencing the differences between cultures, practices, and learning the different ways other populations view life.

What is a Key Ingredient for Success in International Marketing?

A key ingredient for success in international work is understanding different perspectives and people. We work with and develop services with people, rather than products – and that implies that I should work all of the time to identify the best actions and ways to show the capabilities of the people delivering high-quality services, as well as myself to the different market segments. This is something that changes all of the time. This also ties into my favorite part of my work, which is the possibility of creation. We are always working to create things to make the company and its processes work better – we are creating for improvement.

Photo of a lily, taken by Liliana Cruz in Colombia
Photo of a lily, taken by Liliana in Colombia

If you could develop a new solution for international marketing, what would it be?

With international work, we have the possibility to expand knowledge sharing at Antea Group. There are interesting services in countries around the world, but knowledge surrounding these services is not often shared within Antea Group member companies. We need to think as a multi-national company, not a collection of individual companies – one that has shared services, culture, practices, and values. So, how can we start to expand this country-specific knowledge? The first step might be to develop a platform or a program that gives all employees around the world the possibility to learn about the different services we have in different countries, and how to sell them. 

What do you consider your biggest professional achievement so far? 

The introduction of brands into new markets and countries: I have done this successfully for both services and products. What happens next in the process is also interesting, where I look beyond the introduction and consider maintaining and positioning the brand in the marketplace long-term. However, these achievements have often been the result of a strong team working together. 

If you had one month off, where would you go or what would you do?

I would go to Europe because Europe is a magical place to me, and Shanghai. I would walk everywhere because I like to discover new places, colors, and great architecture. 

 Photo of a bird, taken by Liliana Cruz in Colombia
Photo of a bird, taken by Liliana in Colombia

Is there something unique that people might not know about you? 

I don’t think people know that I like cinema, especially thriller movies, such as Silence of the Lambs and Inception. At the same time, I also love action movies like The Matrix and X-Men. I also really enjoy trying new experiences such as rafting, but my adventures usually stay away from ultra-high-risk activities like bungee-jumping!  I also love to take pictures, even though I’m not a professional photographer.

If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Thai food and seafood, especially prawns.  

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