New Tools Available to Support Healthcare Plastics Recycling

New Tools Available to Support Healthcare Plastics Recycling

HPRC Launches New Website

March 23rd, 2016

The Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC), facilitated by Antea Group, is excited to announce the debut of its new website today! Key features include a refreshed design, more engaging user experience, enhanced content, and optimization for mobile devices. 

Visitors to the site can find product design guidelines that enhance end-of-life recyclability, templates to build the business case for a plastics recycling program, case studies from successful recycling programs, recent plastics recycling research, and an interactive presentation on how to implement a plastics recycling program in a patient care setting, among other tools. 

Additional content features of the website include a blog that combines HPRC news and thought leadership with relevant industry headlines, and a member spotlight section that introduces that people and passion behind HPRC’s member organizations. 

HPRC brings together multiple stakeholders to improve recycling of plastic products and packaging in healthcare. As such, the new website provides access to guidance, resources and tools intended to help manufacturers, hospitals and recyclers better understand the opportunities for healthcare plastics recycling and how to overcome perceived challenges associated with it. 

Visit the new HPRC website for more information.

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