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March EHS & Sustainability News: Self-Driving Trucks vs. Rail, Rethinking Renewables, & Greenwashing

March 5th, 2018

Environment, health and safety (EHS), and sustainability are hot topics in the business world, with companies large and small working hard to develop and manage initiatives that provide business value and lead to positive, long-lasting environmental impact.

Here we offer you a look at the latest EHS&S trends, regulatory news, and innovations, as well as companies making headlines for making their workplaces and the world a better place:

Self-Driving Trucks Will Require Railroads to Take Next-Level Approaches to Digitization, Customer Service

Automated trucks come with the promise of more safety for others on the road, and railroad is being challenged to improve their operations, EHS, and technologies. This piece by Progressive Railroading outlines the actions rail needs to take before automated trucks hit the market and the streets – and why this is a good thing.

Absolut Vodka Touts Transparency with Naked Campaign

Telling their sustainability story with a fun twist, Absolut bares all with their new Naked Campaign. Environmental Leader explains their slightly NSFW video, including information on wheat sourcing, water stewardship, as well as key aspects of their sustainability approach (including a shout out to one of our technical coalitions, the Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable).

Better to Target Zero Emissions Than 100% Renewable Energy

If you’ve ever wondered where we could have the greatest energy savings, look no further. The Economist brings us the practical side of the energy argument, looking at the numbers to analyze where renewables fall flat and zero emission goals shine.

EPA Withdrew ‘Once In Always In’ Policy – So What Does That Mean?

The EPA issued a guidance memorandum that impacts facility classifications under the Clean Air Act. Environmental Leader republished a piece from our blog that lays out the implications for facilities and industries at large.

What’s Really “Green” in the Confusing World of Beef Marketing Claims?

Triple Pundit gets down to business here, that is, the business of green and sustainability marketing claims that may be misguided or just plain false in the beef industry. Words like “regenerative” are often used even without a consensus definition in the beef marketplace: check out this article for a breakdown of what green terms really mean.


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