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Made to Measure: Customized Environmental Compliance Support for the Chemical Industry

April 19th, 2017

Even in this new and uncertain political era, chemical businesses still have strong reasons for maintaining their environmental reputation. Many business sectors, from food and clothing manufacturers, to energy production and technology, have been called out for environmental lapses by investors and stakeholders, and shareholders. As a key segment in the logistics and supply chain of many consumer product manufacturing operations (from clothing to energy to technology), chemical companies must protect their own, and their customers’, environmental reputations.  

The most important things a chemical company can do are maintain environmental compliance and promote a culture of environmental performance that meets or exceeds requirements and industry standard management practices at all levels of the organization, including its suppliers, outsourced production, sales network, retail outlets, distribution and warehouse operations. To that end, Antea Group experts have developed sophisticated and flexible solutions to meet your unique needs, including EHS management systems, compliance audit programs, and corporate standards, policies, practices, and procedures.

Nothing Like a Custom Fit

A one-size-fits-all approach to environmental compliance is uneconomical and inefficient, which is why Antea Group has carefully crafted services that help chemical companies identify their environmental compliance vulnerabilities and implement cost-effective solutions.

Here are a few of our flexible, customizable offerings for the chemical industry:

  • EHS FleX is a low-cost, systematic approach to identifying gaps in environmental compliance at the corporate, regional, or business unit level. The solution provides you with the data you need to make informed choices, making it possible for corporate and regional teams to better understand compliance issues within the entire enterprise through one platform. This solution, tailored to suit your specific needs, builds on expertise gained from the thousands of EHS audits Antea Group has completed and from information gathered from internal surveys, interviews, submittals, reports, and correspondence.
  • With our global auditing and assessment services, experts familiar with the requirements of 120 countries assess and interpret applicable local, regional, and national requirements for chemical production, management, and distribution. Our team includes seasoned auditors with extensive experience in environmental compliance permitting, support, and program development and management. Audit protocols customized to your operations ensure consistency and completeness at every step, and results can be delivered through our proprietary web-based EHS management system.
  • RiskRight EHS®  provides commercial, financial, retail, and other non-manufacturing parts of the chemical business with streamlined and carefully considered compliance program design, recognizing that the lower risks presented by these types of business operations are not the same as those faced by manufacturing, but are also not the same as no risk at all.

Local Matters

While your company’s vision is global, implementation by definition is local. Our team of technical experts understand federal, state, and local requirements and how they apply to your facilities across the United States and in over 100 countries. We are ready to provide location-specific services in air emissions, source testing, water and wastewater management, hazardous and solid waste generation and disposal, chemical management, emergency preparedness and response, spill prevention and control, chemical data reporting, and tracking sustainability goals such as greenhouse gases and energy use.

For more information on how Antea Group can support your compliance efforts at any level, contact us today.


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