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A Long View of Electronic Product Sustainable Design Inspires Hope

May 14th, 2014

When addressing environmental-compliance issues feels like a daily grind, taking the long view can inspire hope.

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel — along with Bruce Klafter of Flextronics and Julie Silk of Agilent — at an IPC-ITI seminar, “Critical and Emerging Environmental Product Requirements,” hosted by Agilent in Santa Clara.

I presented the long view of environmental responsibility of electronic products, highlighting the emerging drivers of product environmental and sustainability strategies and addressing which factors are prompting these directions (e.g., societal and environmental changes, regulations, customer demands, supply-and-demand dynamics). The presentation pointed to three areas of challenge and three areas of successes among today’s global electronics companies regarding product compliance and sustainability.

The long view starts with looking back in history, then forward — ideally in a 10-year high-ROI sustainability roadmap that gets ahead of compliance and achieves market, performance, and cost-reduction advantages.

In the presentation, you will see TFI’s 10-year Sustainability Forecast for the electronics industry, and some free resources.

Today a long-time reader of Tech Forecasters’ blog wrote in, “I am responding to environmental compliance issues every single day. It gives me hope that there is consensus globally.”

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