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January EHS & Sustainability News: What is in store for climate change, farming, and energy use in 2018

January 3rd, 2018

Environment, health and safety (EHS), and sustainability are hot topics in the business world, with companies large and small working hard to develop and manage initiatives that provide business value and lead to positive, long-lasting environmental impact.

Here we offer you a look at the latest EHS&S trends, regulatory news, and innovations, as well as companies making headlines for making their workplaces and the world a better place:

Humanity’s fight against climate change is failing. One technology can change that.

Many impossibilities in energy recapture and greenhouse gas emission reductions are being shattered. Quartz brings us a piece detailing successful case studies that point to innovative solutions and workarounds, explaining how new “negative emissions” power plants are now a reality.

Lessons Learned in Sustainable Tech – Maintaining Eco-Design Momentum When Outsourcing Design

Antea Group’s Pamela Gordon wrote this piece for EMS Now – she explains that while it is easy to let eco-design momentum stall or slip backward, it is important to follow best practices and look forward – by thinking about what is best for business profitability, social responsibility, and environmental health. She lays out specific recommendations for tech companies and what they can do to improve eco-design when outsourcing.

Helping Farmland Flourish

Fertilizing at the right time and place is extremely important for plant health and maximizing food production, although, CF Industries’ Sustainability Report explains, there are many more factors than just time and place that impact fertilizer impacts on plants and the environment.

Workplace Injury, Illness Rates Decline for Fifth Straight Year

Bloomberg News brings us a hopeful piece about workplace injury and illnesses, but we (and past OSHA administrator David Michaels) know that 3.53 million work-related injuries and illnesses is still too high. Let’s work together to reduce that number even further in 2018.

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