Exploring The Dutch Way: the Perfect Match on European Soil

Exploring The Dutch Way: the Perfect Match on European Soil

May 5th, 2016

The port of Rotterdam--the largest port in Europe, with an area that includes 12.500 hectares and receives approximately 30.000 seagoing vessels and 110.000 inland vessels every year--served as the perfect setting on April 19th for insightful discussions on best practices in managing the work around environmental and safety legislation, harbour authority and private companies.

More than 120 attendees representing 60 companies from Europe, America, Asia and Oceania joined the Inogen WorldView® Conference. Themed ‘The Dutch Way’, this year’s conference brought together different points of view on ports and environmental topics, creating an insightful, interesting day for all. Attendees delved into the commitment of the Port of Rotterdam and its stakeholders to create economic and social value, and NICOLE organization shared its interest in facilitating the common aims in sustainable land management.

The power of cooperation was a strong message presented by Deltalinqs, a group that focuses on the creation of synergies between logistics, ports and industrial enterprises in main port Rotterdam. Attendees also learned about the approach and methodologies that the Environmental and Planning Act is using to reinforce the environmental program, ranging from an integrated vision to environmental permits. 

Inogen WorldView Attendees Partake in Workshop ActivitiesInnovation was a key component of the conference agenda, and the day closed with amusing workshops in which the participants shared knowledge about Oil & Gas Terminals, Beverage and Beer Plants and Fertilizer Plants.

This WorldView Conference was a great opportunity to expand the knowledge, skills and expertise that the Inogen network offers with environmental, health and safety solutions. Further, it represented a key gathering of global and multinational organizations around compelling topics, making a perfect match between ports and the environment.

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