EHS consulting for the chemical industry

EHS Consulting for the Chemical Industry

Have you heard the one about the chemical industry and a 3-legged stool?

January 12th, 2017

We’ve all heard the analogy of the three-legged stool, right? Despite being incredibly stable when all three legs are firmly on the ground, if you lose one leg, the stool topples over. This principle holds true with EHS&S programs as well.

Antea Group has assembled a team of seasoned professionals to create a similarly stable EHS&S support structure for the chemical industry. The “legs” that support a successful EHS&S program are Environmental Compliance, Health & Safety and Sustainability.


Let’s start with your workforce.

As health and safety professionals, we believe that protecting the workforce should be at the forefront of any business strategy. The expectation that every employee returns home at the end of each workday without incident or injury must be a core value of every organization. Instilling a culture of safety within any company through effective policies, sensible standards, and use of best management practices is key to achieving desired outcomes.

Antea Group’s support of the chemical industry includes: working with companies to develop a strong safety culture; assisting with developing policies and standards; testing and adjusting policies to match desired outcomes; implementing management systems; creating a safe work environment by providing industrial hygiene evaluations and sampling; and completing process safety management evaluations.


What does the term sustainability mean to your company? How does it relate to your core business functions and your bottom line? Antea Group’s philosophy is Better Business, Better World®, meaning that a sound sustainability program can and should be profitable and beneficial to the company as well as good for the environment.

We strive to make this happen for all of our chemical clients by providing solutions that allow our clients to reduce business risks, increase costs savings, and provide for a long-term competitive advantage. Business vulnerability assessments, energy efficiency, water stewardship, value chain optimization, facility optimization, corporate reporting and disclosure, and community and stakeholder engagement are all components of sustainability consulting services that Antea Group is currently providing for our clients.


Maintaining environmental compliance (alongside worker safety and sustainability) helps create the stability needed to achieve the overall goals of a successful EHS&S program. Meeting air and water quality requirements, emergency preparedness and response, chemical data reporting, and understanding regulations and how they apply to your operations, especially when operations are in multiple countries, are all parts of maintaining environmental compliance.

Antea Group provides support by assisting with program development and management, permitting, source testing, auditing and assessments, sampling, and due diligence.

Resting on the “seat” of the stool are: a safer workforce, maintaining compliance, fewer NOVs, reduced risk, excellent community relationships, strong brand recognition, and cost savings.

For more information relating to our experience services and successful solutions for the chemical industry, visit our Chemical Segment page or contact Vince Malone


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