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December EHS & Sustainability News: Noise-induced hearing loss, net-zero energy buildings, & safe trailering

December 4th, 2017

Environment, health and safety (EHS), and sustainability are hot topics in the business world, with companies large and small working hard to develop and manage initiatives that provide business value and lead to positive, long-lasting environmental impact.

Here we offer you a look at the latest EHS&S trends, regulatory news, and innovations, as well as companies making headlines for making their workplaces and the world a better place:

6 Things That Vex Corporate Sustainability Execs

Let’s get real: what grinds a sustainability executive's gears? One spoiler: when companies send mixed messages about their social values to the public –  saying one thing and doing another is a big no-no for reputation. Greenbiz writer Kathrin Winkler brings you five other problems that drive sustainability program people batty.

Oregon Executive Order Charts a Course to Net Zero Buildings

A great piece from NRDC author Lauren Urbanek that sheds light on an executive order in Oregon that is paving the way for “net-zero energy buildings,” which are buildings that don’t consume more energy than they generate through on-site, renewable energy. Oregon is also committed to meeting the Paris Agreement targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Video: Safe Trailering Demonstrator

Safety advice in real time: this video illustrates the importance of weight distribution for trailers being pulled behind vehicles. This is useful for any of you who are out in the field and need to convince a co-worker of the right way to load a trailer. Created by U-Haul on Youtube.

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss: An Irreversible Health Issue that is Preventable

The good news: noise-induced hearing loss is preventable. The other good news: EHS Daily Advisor tells us how to protect our precious hearing. Learn a few methods for mitigating hearing loss for your employees or yourself.

Six Circular Economy Case Studies from Brazil

How is Brazil altering its methods to enter the circular economy? Circulate News writer Stella Chavin brings us this piece -- detailing real-world examples of circular economy successes in Brazil while also articulating the history of the Brazilian economy and socio-economic context.

Designer Tweaks Famous Logos to Use Less Ink

The golden arches are looking a little more sustainable with an artist’s new take on conserving ink. CNN’s Jacopo Prisco brings us a practical solution for reducing product used: redesigning logos so that they can be printed with less ink. Great for the environment and our wallets.

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