coaching executives in profitable sustainability

Coaching the C-Suite in Profitable Sustainability

July 26th, 2017

"Each quarter, we update our executives on the company’s sustainability progress," reported a CSR manager I know.

This practice is good, but not optimal. The proven way to kick-start any organization and propel it toward best environmental and social practices is to coach the CEO, CFO, CTO (chief technology officer) and other C-suite executives in providing vision and instilling accountability for competitive sustainability goals that also generate competitive-business benefits.

“If your job description doesn’t specify executive coach, don’t be deterred,” continues Pamela Gordon, a Senior Consultant at Antea Group. Pamela has coached senior executives for 18 years on how to gain a competitive edge by increasing the environmental sustainability of products, services, and processes. She has trained over 1,000 engineers and managers in design-for-environment principles, and shares the techniques she uses to coach tech company CEOs, CFOs and CTOs in creating vision and executing profitable sustainability throughout their organizations, products and supply chains.

Read Pamela's full article over at Greenbiz.

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