Physical Activity

Our Commitment to Wellness

Antea Group is committed to the health and well-being of our employees. We believe the most effective way to achieve and maintain good health is through individual empowerment- giving our employees the power to live healthier lives. 

Through our provider, Vitality, our employees can participate in a comprehensive, interactive and personalized wellness program that makes it easy for them to live their healthiest life.

The Vitality program presents each person with a personalized program, whether they have a few risk factors and are trying to improve overall health or they just want to maintain good health. The program integrates a wide-variety of activities and provides incentives along the way to encourage healthy lifestyle choices. Vitality helps our employees achieve wellness goals, as well as reward them for their efforts with cost savings and tangible prizes like electronics, home goods, vacation packages and much more! Best of all, our employees will enjoy the benefits of good health!