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Solutions and advice designed to help our clients understand and manage their risks regarding Environmental, Health, Safety, Sustainability, Social and Governance (EHS&S/ ESG) during acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, joint ventures, or debt financing.

As mergers and acquisitions continue to be an important part of global business, expert risk management becomes increasingly vital. Grounded in technical expertise and delivered in transparent language, Antea Group provides solutions whether you seek to develop a comprehensive understanding of EHS&S/ ESG liabilities attached to an acquisition, or are looking to supply buyers with credible information in order to maximize the value of an asset sale or capital restructuring.

EHS&S and ESG risks don’t need to kill a deal, nor do they need to carry surprises; we help you thoroughly characterize, manage, and mitigate the risks with creative solutions so you can plan for a successful transition and integration process. Our capability to screen targets for intangible value and potential value creation within the context of a transaction provides our clients with an entirely new perspective when thinking about mitigating or offsetting traditional EHS&S/ ESG risks.

Let us help you maximize the value of each and every transaction. Our dedicated teams of consultants, equipped with unrivalled global resources and in-country expertise, stand ready to deliver time-sensitive and confidential advice on EHS&S/ ESG considerations that affect strategic asset transaction business decisions. 

Our Transaction Support Services

  • Global EHS Due Diligence  and Target Characterization

  • Divestiture Planning

  • Deal Consultation and Advising

  • Cost Modeling and Probabalistic Liability Quantification

  • Post-Transaction Integration Planning, Services, and Support

Our Industry-Specific Due Diligence Planning and Considerations Include:

  • Technology

  • Oil & Gas

  • Railroad

  • Chemical

  • Food & Beverage

  • Manufacturing

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