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Solutions designed to help our clients collect and manage EHS&S information to build knowledge and meaningful insight.

By leveraging innovation and technology over the past decade, Antea®Group has developed a proprietary environmental, health, safety and sustainability (EHS&S) information management tool that supports clients in achieving their EHS&S business objectives while realizing increased operational efficiencies with fewer resources.

This tool is iEHS®.

iEHS is the most robust, configurable, and flexible  information management system available for corporate EHS&S management. Its broad base of functionality includes the most powerful and accessible reporting capability available in the market, and underpins all of our EHS services. Because it is tailored to you, you pay for exactly what you need, no more.

This web-based system, designed by practicing EHS&S professionals for multinational clients, provides full functionality to capture, manage and organize key data associated with EHS&S technical functions on a global platform.

With iEHS, users have the power to assure compliance, track and record regulatory requirements, capture and share institutional knowledge, integrate data from multiple locations and measure EHS&S performance at facility, division or enterprise levels.

In addition to its core functionality, iEHS offers function-specific modules for:

Our technology services include the full suite of deployment strategy, design, transition and operation support, from needs analysis to requirements development, to conceptual design and execution.

When combined with our expert consulting, iEHS helps create efficiencies and insights for our clients, helping you do more, better and with less.

If you are a current iEHS customer and need assistance, please contact Chris Bone.