EHS Management System

Information and Knowledge Management

Technology-Enabled Solutions and Services

Solutions designed to help our clients collect and manage EHS&S information to build knowledge and meaningful insight.

By leveraging innovation and technology over the past decade, Antea®Group has developed a proprietary environmental, health, safety and sustainability (EHS&S) information management tool that supports clients in achieving their EHS&S business objectives while realizing increased operational efficiencies with fewer resources.

This tool is iEHS®.

iEHS is the most robust, configurable, and flexible  information management system available for corporate EHS&S management. Its broad base of functionality includes the most powerful and accessible reporting capability available in the market, and underpins all of our EHS services. This web-based system, designed by practicing EHS&S professionals for multinational clients, provides full functionality to capture, manage and organize key data associated with EHS&S technical functions on a global platform.

With iEHS, users have the power to assure compliance, track and record regulatory requirements, capture and share institutional knowledge, integrate data from multiple locations and measure EHS&S performance at facility, division or enterprise levels.

In addition to its core functionality, iEHS offers function-specific modules for:

Our technology services include the full suite of deployment strategy, design, transition and operation support, from needs analysis to requirements development, to conceptual design and execution.

If you are a current iEHS customer and need assistance, please contact Chris Bone.